Thursday November 30, 2017

Health and Human Well-Being


4:30 Food Truck Round Up
5:00 Registration and Parent Reception
5:30 Welcome"
5:45 Keynote Presentation - Dr. Michael Worobey, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
6:00 Choice of Breakout Activities
6:45 Thank you and Closing

Dr. Michael Worobey
"How to Use Science to Protect Against Pandemics"

Michael Worobey uses an evolutionary approach to understand the origins, emergence and control of pathogens, in particular RNA viruses and retroviruses such as HIV and influenza virus. He integrates fieldwork; theory and methodology; molecular biology; and (especially) molecular evolutionary analysis of gene sequences in a phylogenetic framework.

Current Research Questions include (1) When, where, and how have AIDS viruses crossed into humans and spread worldwide? (2) What can viral sequences sampled from different time-points reveal about the tempo and mode of evolution? (3) How did the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic emerge and why was it so severe?

Breakout Sessions

Got Clean Water?
Students are challenged to design and build a water filtration device using provided materials. The best design will clean the water quickly and efficiently. A turbidity meter will measure the efficiency of the filtration.

Life’s Science Project: Food Allergies
Curious about all the food allergies that you hear about? Come learn what it is like to live with serious food allergies and how you can help students with allergies be included.

Solving the Flint Water Crisis?
Remember Flint, Michigan? Lead in the water? Come experience what it take to identify and solve this real world water crisis?

Sugar: How Much is Too Much?
Sugar is a natural ingredient and an additive in so many foods that we eat on a daily basis. So how much is enough and how much is too much? Come learn the answers in the gameshow session.

Tucson Magnet High School will be presenting 2 sessions as well.

Sponsored By The U of A, Project WET, and the TUSD Magnet Department


RSVP to Kirstin Bittel at, phone 520-225-1800

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